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One of the hardest part for an international trading company or purchasing manager to do is research and find a reliable supplier in Turkey for their wholesale products supplies. Turkey has thousands of wholesale companies that suppliers hundreds of thousands of products ranging from household products, children products, clothing products, industrial products, machinery and much more. Basically every industry you can think of, Turkey has something for you!

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Turkey, as a country being located between the East and the West has allowed it to be in the best position to deliver products both to Europe, Middle East and Asia. We export wholesale Turkish products to over 30 different countries. If you have a product you are interested in buying, let us know the full specifications and details in order for us to give you our best price.

 We are a professional exporter and wholesaler of Turkish products made in Turkey and shipped around the world. 


Do you have cargo that you have purchased but need to arrange shipments? If yes we can help. As long as you can send the cargo to the port by asking your supplier to arrange the logistics to deliver the cargo to the specified port, then we can handle is from there. However, if it is inside Istanbul, we ourselves can arrange the logistics for you. 

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"We have been exporting Turkish products made in Turkey to our customers around the world for some time now. Even during covid, we have done our best to support our existing customers."
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