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If you have any cargo that you need to be shipped from Istanbul or any other city in Turkey to Male’ Port, Maldives, then contact us today. 


  1. What type of cargo you have.
  2. Where is it located (we need to check the price of logistics)
  3. Is this LCL (small size part container cargo) or FCL (bulk full container cargo)? 
  4. Are there any flammable or dangerous (DG) products? (this is to avoid any headache for you and us. So if you are new to trading, please always double check if the products you buy is considered a DG cargo which might require extra approvals and costs for you)
  5. Depending on your product, check if your supplier can pack your products properly for export. (Some products might need good packaging/packing for export to avoid any risk of damage. However many products are just fine. A different example is for someone that might want to make their own furniture/kitchen cabinet or other customized products through a Turkish supplier. It is important for you to ask how their final packing would be once everything is made. This will allow you to save unnecessary costs on shipping.)  

Frequently Asked Questions

Our ocean freight rates from Turkey to Maldives is very competitive and affordable. Ofcourse keep in mind that the freight rates can differ depending on the Port of export and availibity of vessel from that Port to the Maldives. 

Do not worry, if you have a Turkish company quoting you EX price for their products, we can handle the rest for you in most areas in Turkey.

We can send the container to the warehouse location and once your supplier loads the cargo, it will be taken back to Port. In addition, we can also do the customs clearance of your cargo. 

However it is important to let us know some details:

1) Location of your supplier’s warehouse where the cargo will be loaded to the container. This is where you will want us to send the cargo once it is ready to be shipped. Container haulage price understandably differs based on locations, however we do our best to give all our customers competitive prices. 

2) Let us know how long is needed for the cargo to be loaded to the container. If we send the container in the afternoon, can it be loaded by 4 to 5pm? You must take into account potential delays for loading based on lunch time break for workers at your supplier’s warehouse/factory. Also if they have other containers to load, etc. This really depends on your supplier’s space for container loading. Many small or mid range suppliers have limited space for container loading. 

3) We will need your supplier’s invoice & packing list for customs clearance. In Turkey it is important to do customs clearance properly. 
Compared with countries like Malaysia or other countries that Maldivians are used to little hassle for custom clearance from the export country’s Port Authority, in Turkey it is more strict, hence the paperwork and everything needs to be done properly. 
Another point to mention, if you are buying from a manufacturer, they will want some documents from us once the customs clearance is done. This is for government tax purposes.

It is well known that in any country, there are scammers pretending to be manufacturers or exporters. Turkey is no difference. Usually those who have been importing products for many years will already know how to avoid the most usual of scammers. However even if you are experienced in this, it is still better to be safe than sorry. For this reason, we always recommend our customers to use our Escrow Trading Service, where your payment to the customer goes through our company in Istanbul. This way, there is a local payment trace within Turkey, where if any company scams you, you can request our legal team to assist you in this. 

For your shipped cargo to arrive in the Maldives, it depends on the Port of Export. Usually from Istanbul, the standard time taken from departure to arrival is 30 days. Other cities may differ.
Contact us to find out.