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3-Tier Slim Slide-Out Storage Tower – Multi-Purpose Home Organizer


Product Export details

Brand: oem
Product code: Organizer3
Package Type: box-carton
Quantity per package: 10

Product description

Maximize your space with our 3-Tier Slim Slide-Out Storage Tower, the ideal organizer for your home, kitchen, or bathroom. Designed to fit snugly in tight spaces, this versatile rack trolley offers a smart storage solution for all your essentials. Its slim profile makes it perfect for those narrow gaps next to appliances or in small rooms where space is at a premium. Each level provides ample space to store utilities, pantry items, or toiletries, keeping them hidden yet easily accessible. The sturdy construction and neutral design ensure it blends seamlessly with any interior.

This storage tower, crafted for convenience and efficiency, is produced with care in Turkey, a hub for quality home goods manufacturing and export. Its design and functionality cater to those who appreciate organization without compromising on space or style. As a supplier for the global market, we ensure our organizers meet the highest standards of quality and practicality, making them a sought-after item for international buyers.

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