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Premium Grade Agricultural Vermiculite – Turkey-Made Insulation and Plant Growth Medium


Product Export details

Brand: oem
Product code: VERMICULITE-Export
Package Type: box-carton
Quantity per package: 100

Product description

Our Premium Grade Agricultural Vermiculite, made in Turkey, is a top-quality growth medium and insulating material used extensively in the agriculture and horticulture sectors. As a natural mineral that expands under the application of heat, vermiculite becomes lightweight, incombustible, and highly absorbent, with a unique ability to promote efficient plant growth.

With its high cation exchange capacity, vermiculite ensures that essential nutrients like ammonium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium are readily available to plants. It can be mixed with various organic materials to enhance soil conditions, maintain moisture, and provide aeration. Easy to handle due to its light weight, it can be blended effortlessly with soil amendments, enhancing the growth environment for seedlings, cuttings, and root development.

Exported from Turkey, this sterile and non-reactive vermiculite is ideal for agricultural use, acting as an excellent insulator with a low lambda value, ensuring that plant roots are protected from extreme temperatures. Its pH level of 6-9 makes it suitable for a wide range of plant species.

This premium vermiculite is available for export and can also be used as a carrier for fertilizers and pesticides or as a protective packing material for bulbs and tubers, ensuring that your plants are given the best possible start.

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