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Brand: oem
Product code: VERMICULITE-Export
Package Type: box-carton
Quantity per package: 1

Product description

Vermiculite is a hydrated magnesium aluminium silicate which resembles mica in appearance. The name vermiculite is derived from the Latin “Vermicular”, meaning “to breed worm”. Vermiculite, when subject to heat, has an unusual property of exfoliating or expanding into elongate concertina-like particles. When expanded, it is lightweight, incombustible, compressible, highly absorbent, and non-reactive. It can have high cation exchange capacity and the surface chemistry may be modified.

Vermiculite has the excellent properties to be an essential component for seedling, planting, germination and propagation.
The Benefits Of Using Vermiculite In the Agriculture and Horticulture Sector
Due to having cation exchangeability, ensure the plant gets ammonium, potassium, calcium and magnesium elements easily.
Can mix with organic materials like peat-moss, coco-peat and compost.
Due to having a porous shape has a high retained air capacity
Having a high surface amount and absorption ability can guarantee the plant's necessary food and moisture and releases them according to the plant's requires.
Due to being a very lightweight material, easy to handle and mix with soil, peat, coco-peat, compost, fertilizers and perlite easily.  Also may use as a carrier and bulking agent for substrate mixtures.
Vermiculite is an excellent insulation material with a low lambda value ( 0,64 w / mk). When seedling trays are covered by vermiculite, will protect the seeds and roots against hard climate conditions hot/cold and will keep the substrate wet.
Can use directly as growing media for cutting and rooting applications. To promote maximum root growth in less time.

Due to manufacture at high temperatures makes vermiculite sterile material. It is an excellent carrier and extender for fertilizer and pesticides and works well as packing material for bulbs and tubers.

Vermiculite is a hydrated magnesium aluminium silicate which resembles mica in appearance.

Vermiculite, when subjected to heat, exfoliates to form elongated concertina-like particles with unusual features such as;
Highly absorbent
non- reactive
Insulation ability
High cation exchange
High surface area
PH 6-9



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