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Trenching Tools for Sewers Cleaning Vehicle


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Brand: oem
Product code: sewers cleaning product
Package Type: box-carton
Quantity per package: 0

Product description

Trenching Tools for Fire Fighting Vehicles


Our main goal is to clean the sewers and to have a healthier infrastructure of the living spaces. With improved R&D and P&D studies, we develop environmental technologies that serve this purpose. Our goal is to provide complete equipment support for pipe and sewer cleaning. We offer modern and practical solutions, especially for vehicle construction and technical service maintenance of existing vehicles.

Trenching tools ensure that the high-pressure water is discharged into the channel to be cleaned with the high-pressure hose and the channeling head (nozzle) connected to the end of the hose, and that the wastes in the channel are cleaned with the shredding and repellent feature of the high-pressure water. With high-pressure water, the sediment and wastes in the channel are broken down and the blockage is removed. The wastes broken down by pressurized water are transported to the mouth of the manhole chimney to be discharged by the vacuum tanker, thus eliminating the problem that narrows the channel diameter, creates blockages and prevents regular flow.

We serve the sector with two different productions;

• "A MINICOM", which can make both "Trenching" and "Vacuum" for narrow spaces and streets.
• We produce "A COM RECYCLING" superstructures that serve to recycle the water vacuum from the channel on the vehicle and use it as potable water in the channel opening process.


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