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The torque rod is the connection element used for connecting the axle to the chassis. The uncontrolled movements of the wheels created after the vehicle start depending on the ground form, are transmitted to the axle. While a portion of these uncontrolled movements and vibrations  are withered away in the wheels, a great portion is transmitted to the axle. The suspension system, which is connected rigidly between the axle and the vehicle body , and the torque rod are turning these undesired uncontrolled movements into low tension, controlled and limited emission movements of the vehicle body, which do not spoil the passenger's ergonomic structure. At the same time, the rotation force created by the motor which gives the traction power to the vehicle, is transmitted to the wheels by means of the transmission parts. The lateral forces created during corner turnings  by the negative effects created by  inertia of the vehicle mass and the traction power of the wheels, are transmitted through the suspension system and the torque rod to the vehicle body they are connected to.

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