Potassium Sulphate


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Brand: oem
Product code: Potassium Sulphate
Package Type: bundle
Quantity per package: 47

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Potassium sulfate is a highly beneficial source of potassium for soil, as it plays a crucial role in promoting root and structural health of plants, enhancing resistance against diseases and harsh weather conditions, and improving physical attributes such as size, color, and taste of vegetables and fruits. In particular, the use of 'non-chlorinated potassium sulfate' is recommended for the production of certain crops. Additionally, potassium aids in maintaining soil fertility.

Our production of natural potassium sulfate from natural raw materials has provided our country's farmers with a valuable soil nutrient. Our potassium sulfate is fully water-soluble, making it an ideal choice for drip irrigation systems.

Potassium sulfate is a natural product with a high K2O ratio and purity. It has minimal chlorine content and is free from heavy metals and acids. With a neutral pH and complete water solubility, it is EKOTAR certified and suitable for organic agriculture.

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