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Plexiglass – Acrylic Cast Sheet


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Acrylic Cast Sheet
As its name suggests, it is produced by the so-called pouring method. It is the process of producing methylmethacrylate monomer and other binder additives by pouring them into molds in liquid form between two glass molds between 1.00 and 40.00 mm. It is the engineering plate with the widest usage area. It is much more durable than glass. Cast plexiglass has many advantages and disadvantages compared to other engineering sheets.

Acrylic Extruded Sheet
Extruded sheets are produced with granulated MMA in the Extruder machine. By feeding the machine with granulated raw material, sheets can be produced in much higher tonnage with less labor. They can be produced from 2.00 mm to 15 mm. Since the human factor is less during production, production costs are lower per unit than cast plexiglass. For this reason, it may be preferred because it is often more reasonable than cast plexiglass. However, its biggest disadvantage is that it cannot be bent and bonded like cast plexiglass.

✓ Since it can be produced boutiquely, it can be produced in endless colors and sizes.
✓ It can be easily shaped and attached with its own adhesive.
✓ It can be cut by laser and comes out very shiny in cross-section. (see cast acrylic)
✓ Can be easily supplied.
✓ Production can be done in unlimited colors and sizes.
✓ It can bend easily with heat.

✗ High price compared to extruded plexiglass. 
✗ Cost calculation constantly changes due to constantly changing raw material prices.
✗ Quality problems. (Especially sheets produced in Turkey) Thickness differences +/- 15%.

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