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The Pitman arm is used in the conventional suspension systems which connect the parallel  turning wheels to the track control arms. The suspension and steering systems with Pitman arm link are used in all rear- wheel- drive and light commercial vehicles. The Pitman arm consists of a bent arm. It connects the steering gear to the housing in which it is placed with a threaded ball joint. The threaded ball joint and the bottom housing in which it fits are covered with protective rubber duster. The protective rubber duster prevents the access of the dust into the threaded ball joint. The upper part of the ball joint is connected to the balance rod of the steering link. The shaft in the steering gear turns in the direction of then rotation movement transmitted from the steering gear. The Pitman arm is connected to the steering gear and functions like a lever. The torque coming from the steering gear is turned into mechanic force in order to transmit the steering movement to the wheels.

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