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Pasteurized Egg


Product Export details

Brand: oem
Product code: Pasteurized Egg
Package Type: box-carton
Quantity per package: 46

Product description

A superior and pragmatic incarnation of an egg is achieved through its wholesome and sanitary preparation.

To produce such eggs, we utilize specialized machinery to crack the eggs sourced from our very own farms. The eggs undergo a meticulous cleaning process, employing advanced separators, homogenization, and pasteurization techniques. These procedures effectively eradicate all deleterious microorganisms while preserving the innate composition and nutritional benefits of the eggs.

Safe and Sanitary Egg Transportation After production, the eggs are collected through automated egg-gathering systems and carefully packed in the coop for transport to pasteurized egg production plants.

In developed nations, shelled eggs have been banned in all types of production facilities by health organizations due to hygiene concerns. Consequently, in our country, there has been a push towards promoting eggs that adhere to food industry hygiene standards. In 2002, we launched our Pasteurized Egg Production Plant, in addition to our feed factory and egg production facilities in Bandirma-Aksakal region. This plant caters to the industrial-scale requirements of the mayonnaise, cake, and pastry sectors and supplies pasteurized eggs to numerous businesses via specially designed, stainless steel tanks that prioritize hygiene and safety.

The Drawbacks of Shelled Eggs Manually breaking and separating eggs demands a greater workforce, necessitating contact with eggs in a more extensive area. Additionally, shelled eggs may be damaged during loading, transportation, and unloading, exacerbating hygiene concerns. Salmonella and other hazardous microorganisms may reside on the surface of eggshells, potentially contaminating other food products in food plants and industrial kitchens.


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