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No. 2 Smart Lacy Box (15 lt)


Product Export details

Brand: oem
Product code: 5163
Package Type: box-carton
Quantity per package: 12

Product description

The No. 2 Smart Lacy Box (15 liters) is an innovative and practical product designed to simplify storage and organization in your home. With its 15-liter capacity, this box offers generous space for storing a variety of items, from clothes to toys to household accessories. This No. 2 Smart Lacy Box is equipped with smart features that set it apart from traditional boxes. It has a removable, transparent lid that makes it easy to view the contents without having to open the box. This makes it easy to find specific items without disrupting the order of storage. Made from high-quality materials, the No. 2 Smart Lacy Box is sturdy and durable. Its solid construction maintains its shape, even when filled with different items. What's more, it's easy to clean, making it simple to maintain and keep in pristine condition. The box's ergonomic design is also a major advantage. It is designed to stack easily with other boxes of the same size, optimizing the use of storage space. So you can create organized stacks, saving space in your home. Whether you need to store your out-of-season clothes, stockpile toys or keep your household accessories in order, the No. 2 Smart Lacy Box is a versatile and practical solution. Its convenient size and smart features make it an ideal choice for keeping your space tidy and organized efficiently.

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