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Hazelnut for export 30 gr / 80 gr / 200 gr


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Brand: oem
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Package Type: box-carton
Quantity per package: 100

Product description

Hazelnut is among the most important natural food sources grown in our country. While enchanted with its smell, it has the feature of taking it to different points with its taste. A total of 80% of hazelnut kernels, which is widely used in different fields, is grown in our country. It is also far from being consumed only as a snack with its different forms. If it feels hard while eating and you have difficulty, you can make it into cream and color your breakfasts if you wish. You can obtain a natural sweet source by mixing it with honey so that it passes through the rondo easily and does not separate from each other. When you get hungry during the day by carrying it with you, you can suppress your hunger in a healthy way with the help of a few hazelnut kernels. Eating a handful of hazelnuts every day is one of the greatest favors you can do for yourself, as it has the ability to keep your body and mind fit.

Hazelnut is a natural fiber source. Therefore, it is the best friend of the stomach and intestines. It has a high nutritional value as it contains many minerals. High magnesium content helps keep bones stronger and healthier. It is among the cookies that should be consumed especially by children in the growing age. It also prevents cramps and muscle pain caused by magnesium and calcium deficiency. Thanks to its high vitamin E content, it strengthens immunity and reduces the risk of anemia. It also reduces the risk of catching a cold as it regulates blood circulation. The regulation of blood circulation also reduces the risk of heart attack. Being high in fiber, it ensures the regular functioning of the stomach and intestines and regulates blood sugar.

It copes with bad cholesterol because it contains fats that protect heart health. It lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol. If you regularly consume hazelnuts, you will encounter a 27% decrease in your cholesterol. Thanks to antioxidants, it makes the skin healthier and younger looking. It stimulates the regeneration of skin cells by fighting dead cells.

Hazelnut helps to lose weight due to the high nutritional value in addition to the calories it has. There are about 150 calories in a handful of hazelnuts. Being high in fiber, it gives a feeling of satiety and prevents turning to unhealthy foods as an alternative. If you have junk food that you don't give up, you can put a few in your mouth and meet your needs every time you turn to unhealthy foods by carrying hazelnuts with you. By regulating the work of your intestines, it helps prevent constipation and activates your metabolism.

In 100 grams of hazelnut kernels;

628 calories
10 grams of dietary fiber
61 grams of fat
17 grams of carbohydrates
680 mg of potassium
4.3 grams of sugar
15 grams of protein
20 IU Vitamin A
6.3mg Vitamin C
0.6mg Vitamin B6
Contains 163 mg of magnesium

The prices of hazelnut kernels vary according to the package weight. It has dimensions that you can take for home or to easily carry with you. You can order the most suitable one for you in 30 gram, 80 gram and 200 gram packages with Özbeyoğlu difference and you can enjoy the unique taste of fresh hazelnuts every minute.

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