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Copper Sulphate


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Brand: oem
Product code: Copper Sulphate
Package Type: bundle
Quantity per package: 47

Product description

Copper Sulphate, also referred to as Copper (II) Sulphate, Bluestone, or Blue Vitriol, is a chemical compound and a widely used salt of copper. It exhibits a distinct blue hue in its penta hydrate form, while appearing white in its mono hydrate form, and grey in its anhydrous form. The production process involves utilizing copper metal and concentrated sulphuric acid to obtain the stable penta hydrate form of copper sulphate.

Copper Sulphate of Technical Grade is predominantly utilized in the agricultural sector, primarily as a fertilizer to rectify copper deficiencies in soil. It also serves as a preventive fungicide when combined with slaked lime, commonly known as Bordeaux Mixture. This potent mixture is effective in safeguarding fruits such as grapes from fungus growth. In addition to its application in plant protection, copper sulphate is utilized in foot baths for livestock, including cattle, sheep, and horses, to prevent and treat fungal infections.Furthermore, copper sulphate finds extensive use in the mining industry, particularly in the flotation process employed in lead, zinc, and gold mines. Additionally, in the metals industry, copper sulphate serves as a vital component in copper plating processes, offering diverse applications.

  is employed as an additive in animal feed to foster growth and rectify copper deficiencies in livestock. It is a crucial component in mineral pre-mixes that are designed to complement the proper feeding regimen of both poultry and livestock. The fine crystals and free-flowing characteristics of our product, achieved by incorporating silicium dioxide as an anticaking agent, make it highly suitable for blending with other essential nutrients, ensuring animals achieve well-balanced diets.

Notably, our feed grade copper sulphate boasts exceptionally low dioxin contents, owing to our state-of-the-art dioxin removal unit. The results consistently exhibit dioxin levels that are ten times lower than the allowable limits, and each production LOT is meticulously tested by Lufa-IT / Agrolab in Germany, ensuring the utmost quality and safety standards.

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