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Turkish-Made 8m³ Concrete Mixer Truck – Robust & Export-Ready


Product Export details

Brand: oem
Product code: Mixer Tanker Vehicle
Package Type: pallet
Quantity per package: 1

Product description

Unveil the power of efficiency and reliability with our 8m³ Concrete Mixer Truck, engineered for performance and built to last. This Turkish-made marvel of machinery is designed to meet the diverse demands of construction with precision and ease. The vehicle's propulsion is assured through a P.T.O. (power take-off) system, with an option for a diesel engine, providing flexibility and strength for any project.

Outfitted with top-tier components, our mixer boasts a ZF brand new CIVIL type hydraulic motor and ecomix type reducer, coupled with a Bonfiglioli type reducer hydromotor connection flange for unmatched durability and mix consistency. The hydraulic system is powered by a BOSCH REXROTH motor, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. Cooling and filtration are taken care of by an AKG or OESSE hydraulic oil cooler, complete with an 18-liter tank, thermostat, return filter, pollution indicator, and a 24-volt power supply.

The mixer's structure is a testament to Turkish craftsmanship, made for different brands and models of vehicles. It features a 4mm 30MnB5 abrasion-resistant sheet body, with 5mm Domex 450 sheet helix for superior wear resistance. The 7mm curved sheet inner helices are double-screwed, providing quick filling, unloading, and optimal mixing. Drum roller longevity is secured by bedded tapered roller bearings, and the roller covers are made of GGG60 ductile iron for added resilience.

Additionally, our mixer offers optional features including different color segments on the boiler, a 500/650-liter water tank segment, ecological cover, contribution tank, water clock, and cabin control for operational convenience. The quality of the 30MnB5 and Domex Wear 450 boiler sheet segments ensures this mixer truck is not just ready for immediate use, but also for global export markets seeking robust and efficient construction equipment.

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