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Advanced 6×6 Airport Fire Truck – High-Capacity Firefighting Powerhouse


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Brand: oem
Product code: Airport Fire Trucks Supplier
Package Type: pallet
Quantity per package: 1

Product description

Introducing our cutting-edge 6x6 Airport Fire Truck, designed to offer unparalleled firefighting capabilities for the most demanding airport environments. Equipped with a high-performance Ziegler fire pump delivering 6,000 liters per minute at 10 bar pressure, and a roof monitor capable of projecting 5,000 liters per minute up to 90 meters, this vehicle is a force to be reckoned with. The bumper monitor complements with a 50-meter reach, ensuring rapid response and powerful firefighting action.

The truck's superstructure is constructed from high-quality aluminum panels featuring an anodized weldless coupling system. The equipment cabinets are easily accessible with 5 shutters, and an adjustable skidding and shelving system. It boasts a water capacity of 9,000 liters housed in 4mm AISI 304 quality stainless steel and a foam capacity of 1,000 liters in 4mm AISI 316 L quality stainless steel. For emergency response, a 50m electric rewind spinning wheel is included.

The truck also features an electronic warning and siren system, a rear exit ladder, and a mobile ladder for versatile access, alongside imported pump and fire intervention equipment. Control and operation are made effortless with a digital touch pump control screen, making this Airport Fire Truck a model of efficiency and reliability.

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