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LCL Cargo Service - Istanbul to Maldives

LCL Cargo Service - Istanbul to Maldives

LCL Cargo Istanbul - Maldives

Our LCL Cargo Container Service will consolidate your cargo from Istanbul, provide the needed customs clearance, load to our LCL container and ship it to Male’ Port, Maldives. 


If you have any cargo that you need to be shipped from Istanbul or any other city in Turkey to Male’ Port, Maldives, then contact us today. 

Istanbul to Maldives LCL Cargo Guide:

  1. What type of cargo you have.
  2. Id your supplier can send the cargo to our warehouse in Esenyurt?
  3. If not, where is your cargo located and the packing details for your cargo including the CBM (we need to check the price of logistics)
  4. If it is a heavy product like steel accessories, screws, etc. If the cargo weight is expected to be heavier than the CBM. What is the weight of the cargo? 
  5. Are there any flammable or dangerous (DG) products? (this is to avoid any headache for you and us. So if you are new to trading, please always double-check with your supplier on this. If the products you buy are considered DG cargo, it might require extra approvals and costs for you)
  6. Do you require insurance for the cargo during shipment from Istanbul to Maldives? 

Business Privacy MOU with Us:

We sign an MOU with all our customers to safeguard their supplier contact details from other customers, as we understand and value the business privacy of customers who ask us to ship their Turkish supplier’s cargo which they have invested time and money to find. We give 100% privacy guarantee from our side for all our customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We can quote our LCL Cargo ocean freight rates from Turkey to Maldives once you let us know more details on your cargo as mentioned on the LCL Cargo Guide on our page. 

Do not worry, if you have a Turkish company quoting you EX price for their products, we can handle the rest for you in most areas in Turkey.

You can firstly try and see if your supplier can deliver the cargo to our warehouse in Esenyurt, Istanbul without any charge. If this is possible, it saves you extra logistics cost. 

Second option is to ask them if they are able to deliver to our warehouse with a good price for you. 

If they are unable to do any of the above. Then let us know the street address of your supplier, cargo details and the cargo volume (CBM) so that we can check on the logistics cost. 

It is well known that in any country, there are scammers pretending to be manufacturers or exporters. Turkey is no different. Usually those who have been importing products for many years will have experience to avoid the most usual of scammers. However even if you are experienced in this, it is still better to be safe than sorry. For this reason, we always recommend our customers to use our Escrow Trading Service, where your payment to your supplier goes through our company in Istanbul. This way, there is a local payment trace within Turkey, where if any company scams you, you can request our legal team to assist you in this. Please take note that for this you will have to take in any bank charges for the TT, which we are happy to provide you our bank incoming TT receipts copy for your kind reference.
We charge a fixed fee of $100 for this service. 

For your shipped cargo to arrive in the Maldives, it depends on the Port of Export. Usually from Istanbul, the standard time taken from departure to arrival is 30 to 34 days depending on the route and excluding any vessel delays. 

Please ask your supplier:

1) to give their invoice and a packing list of all your LCL Cargo products. 

2) For the packing list it is important for us to know what products in the invoice is packed together in which box. For this reason, ask your supplier to number the boxes and mention in the packing list which item is packed into which box number. For example if you have 3 big boxes (cartons) with mixed products:

Box 1/3:
product a – 100 pieces
product b – 50 pieces

Box 2/3:
product c – 100 pieces
product a – 30 pieces
product b – 30 pieces

Box 3/3
product  d – 150 pieces
product c – 50 pieces
product e – 10 pieces

This will save you a lot of headaches when the cargo reach the Maldives, so please do your best in getting this. 

3) Please ask the Supplier to also put your marking on each box. Marking is a unique name so that when you clear the cargo in Maldives, you will see that name on your cargo and easily recognize that it is your cargo. Most people put their company name. One or two unique word is usually enough. It should be clearly visible on each box/carton. 

We will follow the invoice and packing list details given by your supplier for your cargo for the Maldives customs clearance documents. 

We will give the custom clearance document and BL under our company name as the Shipper. 

You will need to let us know what is the name of the consignee in Maldives for the cargo we will send. If you are clearing the cargo under your company name, please remember to give us your company registration number as it is a requirement to put in the BL. 

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