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Alden Dis Ticaret - Your Reliable Turkish Freight Forwarder

Alden Dis Ticaret is a Turkish freight forwarders company based in Istanbul, Turkiye. It provides logistics, custom clearance and freight forwarding service from Turkey to around the world for containers and airfreight cargo. 

Turkey as a country is a global hub for international trade. Importers and Exporters from around the world depend on Turkey for their supplies and logistics for container freight forwarding needs. 

Turkey is also one of the fastest growing countries for manufacturing and export of products made in Turkey. International traders from Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa are all fast depending on Turkey as a main logistics and trade hub for their global logistics and supply chain requirements .

Turkey’s export has grown even through the 2018 to 2021 global pandemic, allowing it to be one of the few countries that supported global trade even in hard times. This has proven it to be a country that values the importance of freight forwarders to support the world economy. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our airfreight and ocean freight rates from Turkey to most major countries are very competitive and affordable. Ofcourse keep in mind that the freight rates can differ depending on the different destinations. The best approach is to send us a message on WhatsApp or Email and have a free consultation. 

Do not worry, if you have a Turkish company quoting you EX price for their products, we can handle the rest for you in most areas in Turkey.

We can pick up your cargo from your supplier’s warehouse location and handle all your forwarding needs. 

However it is important to let us know some details:

1) Location of your supplier’s warehouse where the cargo will be loaded to the container. Our forwarding price understandably differs based on pickup and final destination, however we do our best to give all our customers competitive prices. 

2) Let us know if there is anything specific we need to know about your cargo. Is the cargo a DG (Dangerous or Flammable Cargo)? It is important to let us know all these information beforehand to avoid last minute delays and extra costs. 

Once your cargo is shipped, we can keep you updated on your cargo movement and ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) to the destination. To some destinations we also provide door delivery.